Try these interactive games related to whole numbers:

click here
Find other word problems to solve

Now, work on the word problems below (click on the links):
A little bit harder
If you want more select from this webpage

Try games on this site

Try this link for new maths games:

Investigating Nets

We will be be investigating the nets (polyhedron) you have been making in class.
It may have been a cube, triangle based pyramid, square based pyramid or octohedran etc.
1. On a word doc write the shapes (eg: rectangle, triangle etc) that were used to make up your net
2. Can you write down number of faces, edges and points (vertices) from your polydron?
3. What problems did you come across when you put your net together to make your polyhedron.
4. Investigate another polyhedran you would like to make next time in class and write down what shapes are in the net to make it
and start thinking about where you would put the tabs etc. when you put it together. Do you know the number of faces, edges and points (vertices) i
it takes to make that shape? (Click here to learn about faces, edges and vertices:

Use these websites to help you:

Algebra Revision for test, 30 Oct:
We will be working from the website

Click on the first of these headings, work through the problems a few times (trying to better yourself) then try the next set:
Solving equations
Writing equations
Like terms
Exponents (powers)

If you think you have finished. See me, you may be allowed to do maths games, try out this site:


We will be working from an interactive website where you answer you questions online:
Start by clicking here (click just under the black numbers to start)
This one is a harder here
Try this one adding up to one hundred
Now try this test
Here are two lots of word problems to try out: one two
Try some of these games:
spooky sequences
dot to dot
shark pool place value
life guards
Tues, 18 Sep 2012
Today we will continue 'multiplying' (which we started yesterday).
Start by completing this sheet (either in your book or on a word doc. OR print it):

Now go to this website and read through the notes carefully TWICE. Try to answer the questions (note that there are 100 pence in a pound), then do the activity and test at the bottom of the web page.

Those of you who can find any games or activities that will be useful for this topic will get a merit (or prize if it's REALLY good!)

Tues, 11 Sep 2012
Today we will continue adding and subtracting 'like terms'. Remember you can only add/subtract terms that are the same (eg: all the a's or all the numbers).
Start by working on this worksheet:

THEN, we are looking at this website that looks at Algebra. Read through the notes and try the question. THEN, at the bottom of the page is a 'test' have a go at it :)

Once you've done that check out any of the other activities and games on that page.

Wed, 15 Aug 2012,
Division is simply the opposite of multiplying: Eg, if we know that 3 x 5 = 15 so 5 x 3 = 15 we also know that 15÷3 = 5 AND 15÷5 = 3

These are also known as 'family of facts' (so there are four equations in each one).

Write the 'family of facts' for the following (you should write 4 equations for each - like the ones above) Do it on a word doc. by copy and pasting the work below and then completing it (see me if you're not sure how to do that:

Here's an example of what you need to do: a) 2 x 3 = 6, 3 x 2 = 6, 6 ÷ 3 = 2, 6 ÷ 2 = 3.

1. 3 x 4 = 12

2. 6 x 5 = 30

3. 7 x 4 = 28

4. 6 x 7 =

5. 8 x 9 =

6. 2 x 8 =

7. 4 x 6 =

8. 10÷2 = 5

9. 18÷3 = 6

10. 72÷9 =

Now you can work on Maths games on the site "cool maths games" or check out some of the Maths games below. Add some to earn yourself a merit!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Write your answers into your maths book or on a word doc.

1. We will start by working on the following basic fractions sheet (in your book or onto a word doc.):

Now practice your skills playing this ORDERING FRACTIONS GAME and this SIMPLYING FRACTIONS GAME

Friday, 20th July 2012

1. Now we're going to work on comparing fractions (some of you would have started this yesterday). Answer the following worksheet (in your book or word doc.)

Now practice your skills playing this GAME
2. Now we are doing percentage work (highlight the answers OR do them in your book).

Now practice your skills playing this PERCENTAGE GAME

If you have finished take a look at the other games on the website we've been working on.


Now you can explore what 'Cool Maths' has to offer in the way of fractions - have a go at as many as you can! Click here for Cool Maths

If you have any other fraction games add them to our wiki on this page (if you're not sure how to add it ask a friend or me :)


Check out these websites that the following students submitted for their Homework :)

Charlotte's above Homework:

Sienna's Home Work

Emma's Home Work

The chocolate chippie slice recipe has been posted under our Fraction page :)

Thu 's Homework

daneikas awesome homework :D


10 November 2011 - Statistics

We are going to start Statistics. Using the internet you can research Stats words you are unfamiliar with (eg: population, sample size, median, mode etc.) and also start work on a project. You can work in 2's (no more than 3) but you each must have you own copy of the work you complete.

We are going to be working on a project from this link:

Under 'RESOURCES' you will need to read the 'resource sheet' and 'student worksheet' so you know what to do (the 'teacher instruction may be useful too).
It may also pay to do some research on the key ideas they've provided. Those who do and pop them on our Statistics page in this weekly will receive Merits and maybe even prizes depending on your information :)

Today (Fri, 30 Sep) we are continuing to practice our algebra skills using the following links:

First link (Balancing the equation and then click "next" to go onto more complex equations :

For those who find the above too easy try some of the activities on this link:

Now try this game - Whack Attack (let me know what you think)
There are other games on this site so have a go at them too :)

Check this out:

Designing Toy Cars Requires Math! Every Hot Wheels car is exactly 1/64 the size of the real car it’s modeled on. Show your students how a professional toy car designer for Mattel relies on basic math concepts such as fractions, measurement and scale to create accurate replicas of the coolest cars on the road.
Watch the movie and download the classroom activitY:

Library Session, 26 August:

Maths games today. Use any of the sites below (in previous library sessions) and find maths activities and maths games. If any find tetrus let me know; it used to be one of my favourites!! Remember if you find any great Maths games/sites add them HERE!! (Merits if you do!!)

Library Session, 18 August (Percentages, Fractions & Decimals)

Remember this session is to practice our fraction, decimal and percentage skills!!!
We will start on this website: we can all log in using: username - tasman AND password - tasman.

You are only allowed to play the following games for the first 20 minutes of the lesson:
Click on Maths
then Number
then scroll down to fractions and percentages: matching pairs game
then try fractions and decimals: matching pairs game
then try percentage and decimals: matching pairs game
Now you can try some of the other percentage, fraction or decimal games on there
Once you've had enough of that site, go to this site to practice your skills for next weeks assessments:

Library Session, 5 August (Fractions)

on this website where you choose 3 activities (NOT the 'factsheet) Eg: Game, Activity, Quiz (you can decide). Feel free to work with a neighbour to challenge your skills. Here is the website Comparing Fractions

Now do the same with 'finding fraction parts'. Work through the Quiz, Activity and Worksheet (Do not do the Factsheet as we've done notes on this).

Here is the website Finding Fraction Parts

Try these 3 adding/subtracting problems HERE