- Graphs
- Mean, Median and Mode
- Tables
- Data (information)

Write up a 'how to' so you can teach someone one of the following:

8 sept homework write on the wiki a how to so you can teach someone:
1.How to plot cordanates? to find a rule of sequence?

Angelica:::How to plot cordanates? umm you have a 5x5 grid and your given the numbers (2, 1) go along 2 and up 1 then mark with a dot or an 'x' ???

Kris to plot if u have a 10x 4x graph say if u have a cord to plot example. (2.3) then go across 2 and up 3 and put a dot or x ect and then you have just ploted? to find a rule of sequence example. 2,4,6,8,10 how many to get to 4 from 2 is 2 so the rule is always add 2 for this task?

1.HOW TO PLOT COORDINATES. if you have a 10x10 and the numbers are for example (8,9),(1,7) and (10,1) then you must use the X axis (horizontal line) for the first number and go across until you find the number that you are looking for, and for the second number you must use the Y axis (vertical line) and find the number you are looking for there. Once you have found them put a X or a dot where they meet and reapet for the other numbers and as you draw the X/dots you must draw a line connecting to the last and if you followed these steps correctly you should see a picture.

2.HOW TO FIND THE RULE OF A SEQUNCE. to find the rule of a sequence you must first have a sequence for example. 2,4,6,8,10 to find the rule you must first find out the patternof the sequence and this patterns sequence is add two to the previous number which is pretty much the rule but you could also say it like this t=2n.

Laura Golding

1.How to plot cordanates?
Lets say you had a grid 10 by 4, and you had to plot (3,4). You would go along the to 10 untill you reach 3, and then go up 4. Mark with a *. That is how you plot co-ordinates! to find a rule of sequence?
Use some colour, pictures and diagrams!
You find a sequence by having a pattern: 2,4,6,8,10. So you would find the rule looking at the difference between each no/previous number. Like 2,4 how numbers in between and there 2 and then check the next sequence. It is 4,6 how many between, and there2 and so on. so the sequence is 2 in between each set of numbers/previous numbers! Also that is called a rule!:)

Emma Adam

1) How to plot co-ordinates?
Well first you have to draw up a grid. Lets say it was 10 by 10. and you had to find where (5,3). First you would have to go along 5 and then go up 3. mark with a cross.

2) How to find a rule of a sequence?
Say you had the pattern: 1,5,9,13,17,21. You would have to find the rule by trying to find the difference between each number or how many numbers there are between each number. like in this sequence the difference between each number is 4. Because the difference between 1,5 is 4. then you check the next 2 numbers of the sequence and that is 4 and so on and so on. So the rule for this number is: adding 4 to the previous number.


1.How to plot cordanates?

First you have to draw up a grid.(10 by 10)
draw an x axis (across)
draw a y axis (going up and down)
origin in the middle

you need to plot (20,15)
The order always goes x axis then y axis
so go right of the origin (along the x axis) 20 spaces
then up 15 (along the y axis)

and mark the spot with a x or a spot

and thats how you plot to find a rule of sequence?

Pattern (n)


The top number (or n) of the table is the pattern number (3 = Pattern 3)
The bottom number equals how many matches in the pattern (Pattern 4 has 13 matches)

how to find out the rule of this pattern you look at the difference between each pattern
each time is +3
So the rest of the pattern goes
To find out the 0 term you go
the first term (4) - the difference (3) equals the zero term (1)
To find out how many matches will be in pattern 30 you go
30 (n) x 3 (difference)= 90
To work out the rule you go
difference x n (the top number) + the zero term

1)How to plot co-ordinates ?
Ex: (5,-3)
First:Draw up grid.Write 1=>10 and -1 => -10
Second:Find where the numbers are and mark the cross
2)How to find a rule of a sequence?
Ex: 2 4 6 8 10 12
We just need add two to each
You just need to find how many number highest between this number with that number ......


How to plot co-ordinates;

First you have to draw up a grid.(20 by 20)

draw an x axis (across the left aka Horizontal)

draw a y axis (going up aka Diagonal)

origin is in very the middle


Ok, so you shall plot (13, 3)

The order goes x axis and then y axis no matter what.

so go right of the origin (along the x axis first always) 13 spaces

then up 3 (along the y axis second)

and mark the spot with a x, to plot your co-ordinates!

Homework Task

Choose just ONE of the HW tasks below then write a word problem for it AND solve it (just hit EDIT on the top Right Hand Side of this page and go for it!)
jason has 12 potatos in a bag and the bag can fit 79 how many more does he need to put in the bag to fill it up?? jacob:)
george is a builder heb owns 35 nails and he needs to evenly devide them into 4 on each board how many boards does he have jacob :)
1. 18 X _ = 756
Robert Had 756 T-Shirts That He Keeps In Draws. If There Are 18 Draws, How Many T-Shirts Are There In Each Draw?
By Daneika! :D

Rose was rounding up 18 sheep at a time. The farmer needed to send 756 sheep to the sale. How many times did he send Rose out after the sheep? Answer = 42. Nicole F

Gabbie has 18 rows of shoes in her wardrobe , if there are 756 shoes in gabbies wardrobe how many shoes dose gabbie have in each row ?
(Holly Jago)

2. 561 divided by 17 =

Bobby had 17 houses and in those 17 houses he had altogether 561 dogs. How many dogs are in every house? (Answer:33)(Angelica Bennett):P

3. 23 X 45 =
Jim had 23 boxers with 45 t-shirts how many all together=95(carwyn)
A man has 23 wives and he has 45 children for each wife how many children does he have all together?? (answer 1035)(Sienna N)

If one boy had 23 ice-cream and then bought 23 for 45 friends how many ice-creams would there be altogther? (Kate)

Bob has 45 boxs and and in each box there is 23 apples. How many apples are there altogether? ANSWER:1035 (by Emma Adam)

There are 23 groups, in each group there are 45 people, how many people altogether? 1035 (Cameron).

4. _ X 21 = 756

Holly had 756 pairs of shoes which she keeps in boxes. If there are 21 boxes then how many pairs of shoes will be in each box (36 pairs)
By Maggie :)

Connor had 756 pairs of shirts which he keeps in chests. If there are 21 chests then how many pairs of shirt’s will be in each chest = 36

By Kris J

5. 322 divided by 14 =

If Steve had 322 lollies, and needed to share those lollies to 14 friends, how many lollies do they each get? Answer is 23 lollies each. By Charlotte ^-^

Chace had 322 felt pens, 14 friends asked to borrow some, how many felt pens would they get each?? Answer 23 felt pens. By Ashlee :)

Extra for Experts (Just do these in your books and show me at school for merits)

If a large garden covers a rectangular area that is 192m wide and 396m long; what is the largest size it can be divided up by evenly by square blocks?