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Algebra Notes

  • We use letters as well as numbers
  • Sometimes letters will represent a number (like when we substitute). Other times letters will not represent a number (Eg: 5b + 2b = 7b)
  • When we add or subtract numbers/letters we must only add/subtract those terms that have the exact same letter (Eg: 5b -3b + 4b² = 2b + 4b²)
  • If there is no sign before a number/letter the term is positive.
  • The sign before the term indicates whether the term is positive or negative (Eg: -4b + 5b -3b = -2b)
  • If you have just a letter like b, it is the same as 1b – we do not need to put the 1 in front of the b so we leave it out.
  • If you see a number and a letter together (Eg: 4b) it is the same as 4 x b.

Try to add/subtract these terms (circle the letters that are the same to make it easy):
a) 3b – b =
b) 5a + 2a + 6a =
c) 7c -3c + 2b =
d) 10y + 5z - 5y =
e) 15a + 4b – a + 2b – 4c =

ALGEBRA – multiply and dividing
  • 4b is the same as 4 x b. In Algebra if there is a number and letter (or letter and letter) next to one another we assume there is a times sign between them:
Eg: ab = a x b
4cd = 4 x c x d
abc = a x b x c

  • When we are dividing we do not use the ÷ sign. We write it as a fraction in Algebra. So instead of 3a ÷ a we would write: 3a/a (but make it look like a fraction, on top of each other with a line in the middle)
  • When we divide in Algebra we divide any numbers first and then any letters.
Eg: 5a/10a so we work out what 5 ÷ 10 which = 2; and a ÷ a, which = 1. So the answer is: a/2a
  • b/b = 1 any letter divided by itself = 1
    (Now do worksheet - get from Mrs Nathan)
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